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[CRKT] Sketch Steel



Overall Length : 17.00 cm
Closed Length : 9.60 cm
Blade Length 7.40 cm
Type : Framelock
Blade Material : 8Cr14MoV  [ROCKWELL (HRC): 58-59]                                           
Handle Material : Stainless Steel

Designed by Lucas Burnley, the Sketch is the perfect knife for all craftsmen, equipped with a sturdy stainless steel handle. The modified Wharncliffe blade made of 8Cr14MoV is secured by a framelock. The neon green anodized ring around the axial screw creates a delightful visual accent and is color-coordinated with the exposed lanyard hole. With a detachable clip (tip-up).

Duncans offers a sharpening service in store (just ask)
[prices vary depending on size of blade, condition and type of steel]

  • UPC/EAN:PLU 3079
4 x [Boker Magnum] Snake Rangebuster Damascus1 x [CIVIVI] Relic Damascus Micarta Green2 x [Linden] Elite Seat City10 x .177 [Marksman] Domed2 x [CRKT] Sketch Steel1 x [CIVIVI] Baklash Black Damascus8 x .177 [Bisley] Long Range Gold2 x [Gamebird] HO4LC2 x [Boker Premium] Emishi Damascus Katana2 x [Linden] Trio Seat1 x [Steel Will] Steel Will Kobold F66-222 x [Byrd] Meadowlark 27 x .177 [Air Arms] Diablo Express3 x [Gamebird] HO41 x [CIVIVI] Praxis Damascus Black5 x .177 [H&N] Baracuda Hunter Extreme2 x [Spyderco] UK Pen Knife (UKPK)4 x [Gamebird] H03LC3 x [Gamebird] HO6LC9 x .177 [RWS] Hobby11 x .177 [Air Arms] Diablo Pellets10 x .177 [H & N] Baracuda FT5 x [Gamebird] HO33 x [Spyderco] Tri-angle sharpmaker5 x [Linden] Elite Super Seat Field2 x [Boker] Pocket Tru-Stone #13/300 [Limited Edition]5 x .177 [RWS] Super-H-Point6 x .177 [JSB] Exact5 x [Gamebird] HO64 x [Boker Magnum] Auto Wingman Bottle Opener9 x .177 [Gamo] Match Diablo6 x .222 [Remington] PSP 50g5 x 6.5 Creedmoor [Hornady] Match 120g5 x .243 [Hornady] Whitetail 100g6 x .22-250 [MagTech] PSP 55gr6 x .22-250 [Remington] JHP 45g5 x Wiley X Guard Smoke Grey+Clear+Light Rust6 x Wiley X Sabre Smoke Grey+Yellow2 x Trade Secret Stock Refinishing Kit5 x Wiley X Sabre Smoke Grey+Light Rust+Vermillion1 x Forrest Bore Cleaning Foam3 x [Birchwood Casey] Lead Removing Cloth6 x Wiley X Sabre Vermillion7 x Wiley X Guard Smoke Grey+Clear6 x Radian 5 Lens Set4 x [Tetra] Copper Solvent5 x [Tetra] Carbon Cleaning Wipes5 x Wiley X Sabre Clear7 x Viking 16 x .270 [Fiocchi] GRS SST 150g2 x [ASG] Dan Wesson 6" Chrome3 x .177 [Webley] Mark IV 6" Black3 x 25mm Weaver Scope Mounts High2 x Neck Tie No67 x Viking 303 x Neck Tie No387 x Viking 102 x 25/30mm Konus Medium Quick Release Scope Rings7 x Viking 62 x 25/30mm Konus High Quick Release Scope Rings2 x Hybrid [Umarex] SA102 x [Umarex] Glock 17 Gen 44 x .177 [ASG] Schofield 6" Aged3 x Neck Tie No34 x .177 [Umarex] Colt Peacemaker 5.5" Blued1 x [Barnett] Vortex Youth Compound Bow Archery Set4 x Neck Tie No42 x .177 [Umarex] Colt SAA 5.5" Nickel3 x 30mm Medium Scope Mounts5 x 25mm High Scope Mounts3 x [11 mm] to Weaver Adapter2 x .177 [SIG SAUER] M172 x .177 [Weihrauch] HW442 x [CYBERGUN] Baby Eagle Black2 x Reflex Sight4 x .22L/R [Remington] Golden Bullet1 x 30mm Weaver Medium Scope Mounts2 x 25mm Weaver Medium Scope Mounts2 x Neck Tie No405 x .30-06 [Remington] Core-Lokt PSP 150g6 x Viking 56 x .22-250 [Remington] Accutip 50g4 x Neck Tie No262 x .177 [Webley] Mark IV 2.5" Black5 x Ledray Infra-Red Kit2 x [Boker] 3 Piece Scout *Collectors Set*2 x [Cluson] Clulite PLR-500 Long Ranger LED Pistol Light2 x Ledray LR400 Kit3 x Neck Tie No52 x .22 [H&N] Rabbit Magnum II3 x .177 [Umarex] Beretta MOD. 92 FS Black2 x FireFox 22g5 x .25 [H&N] Field Target Trophy3 x .22 [RWS] Superfield1 x Neck Tie No113 x 4oz Burgandy2 x .177 [Umarex] CP88 Competition 6" Nickel, Black Grips4 x 12g [Solway Steel] 36g No12 x 6.5-20x40 [Leupold] LRT Matt2 x RCBS .22 Hornet Group A Dies3 x .22 [Webley] Accupell Dome2 x [Zippo] Venetian® 352 High Polish Chrome3 x 20g [Steel Game Extra] 24g No51 x .177 [Umarex] Walther PPQ2 x [Zippo] Skull Claw Design3 x [Victorinox] Maverick Chronograph | IN:2416023 x Neck Tie No371 x [KWC] 1911 Remington RAC Tactical2 x [Condor] Mountain Pass Axe1 x Beretta Silver Pigeon S 20g2 x [.223]-[30 - 06] [MTM] Slide Top Ammo Case1 x Leatherman Charge TTI2 x [CRKT] Clever Girl Kukri2 x .177 [Umarex] Colt Government 1911 A12 x [Victorinox] Maverick Chronograph | IN:2416055 x [Zippo] Classic Brushed Chrome1 x Hi Tec Designer 24g1 x [Luminox] ICE-SAR Arctic 1003.ICE3 x Vice Darts 21g1 x Vice Darts 27g2 x [Zippo] Silver Texture Design2 x [Saturn] Powder Funnel 6mm2 x Croots Byland Cartridge Bag Leather 1003 x Gun Blue creme1 x [Umarex] H&K USP2 x 4.5-30x50 [Bushnell] Elite Tactical4 x 12g [Steel Game Extra] 28g No63 x .22 Cleaning Patches1 x [Weihrauch] HW30S Kit3 x Vice Darts 22g4 x [Zippo] Flex Neck Utility Lighter Chrome3 x .177 [Air Arms] Pro Sport Walnut2 x .177 [Umarex] Beretta MOD. 92 FS Nickel, Black Grips2 x [Opinel] N°10 Carbon3 x .22 [RWS] Super-H-Point1 x Weaver T9 Scope1 x Silicone Gun Cloth5 x .22 [Webley] Accupell FT8 x Whistle Lanyard1 x [Bisley] Spotted Handkerchief Set1 x .177 [Beretta] Silver1 x Neck Tie No151 x [Luminox] Bear Grylls Survival | IN: XB.3729.NGU2 x .22L/R [CCI] Segmented HP2 x [BSA] Meteor Evo1 x [Opinel] N°03 Carbon2 x .177 [Umarex] S&W M&P 452 x True Oil2 x Silicone Oil 125ml Aerosol1 x .177 [Umarex] Smith & Wesson M29 6.5"2 x [Red Dot] 1 x 252 x Petron Wood Recurve Ladies2 x 12g [Browning] GTI2 x Stanley 1.0L2 x [Opinel] N°06 Carbon1 x [Luminox] ICE-SAR Arctic 10072 x [Bisley] Canvas Cartridge Bag3 x 12g [Steel Game Extra] 28g No53 x [Luminox] Navy SEAL 36012 x Neck Tie No15 x .177 [Weihrauch] FT Special2 x Webley Cub4 x .22 [Bisley] Magnum1 x Hi Tec Designer 30g2 x [Opinel] N°09 Carbon2 x .177 [ASG] Tac Repeater1 x .177 [Umarex] RWS C2252 x [Victorinox] Hiker1 x [Fox Knives] Ryu Micarta Green3 x .177 [Umarex] Beretta MOD. 92 FS 24K Gold-Plated, Walnut Grips3 x RCBS 30-06 FL Die Set1 x [Luminox] Navy SEAL 36034 x 4oz Nile Crocodile Tan1 x Neck Tie No163 x .177 [Air Arms] Ultimate Sporter1 x [Umarex] Race Gun Kit4 x Garmin Etrex Legend GPS3 x [Anglo Arms] Rainbow Finish Stiletto1 x Dogs of War 28g5 x .177 [Weihrauch] HW95 Lux8 x Acme 212 Dog Whistle3 x .177 [Umarex] Smith & Wesson M29 3"2 x [Victorinox] Alliance Sport Chronograph | IN: 2418182 x [Zippo] HeatBank® 9s Rechargeable Hand Warmer4 x 4.5mm [Excite] Smart Shot BB1 x Spare Battery 1.5ah2 x Neck Tie No103 x 12g [Steel Game Extra] 28g No31 x Great Owl1 x Bisley Canvas Cartridge Bag 1001 x [ASG] CZ-75 SP-01 Shadow2 x .177 [Umarex] CP88 4" Black2 x .177 [Rohm] Twinmaster Competition1 x [Krownland] Baba Yaga Combat1 x [ASG] Schofield Revolver2 x Weaver to 11mm Adapter2 x [Luminox] ICE-SAR Arctic 46 mm, Outdoor Adventure Watch - 12021 x [Victorinox] I.N.O.X. Professional Diver | IN:2418441 x [Luminox] Navy SEAL Chronograph 3581.EY1 x [Victorinox] Alliance Sport Chronograph | IN: 2418191 x [Luminox] Navy SEAL Chronograph 3581.BO2 x [Zippo] Mazzi Freedom Watch2 x .177 [Webley] Alecto2 x [Zippo] Hand Warmer2 x .177 [Umarex] Legends S251 x [BSA] R10 TH Walnut Super Carbine2 x Laser Rangefinder NiteSite1 x [Umarex] IWI Mini Uzi3 x Kershaw3 x Dogs of War 26g3 x Dogs of War 27g3 x Dogs of War 26g3 x Buck Multi-Tool2 x .177 [Umarex] Trevox2 x [BSA] R10 TH Walnut Super Carbine2 x Leatherman Wave Sheath3 x Leatherman Wave2 x Dogs of War 25g2 x Leatherman Wingman inc belt pouch1 x [Umarex] HPP2 x Dogs of War 25g2 x Dogs of War 29g1 x [Zippo] Anne Stokes Skull and Crossbones3 x 6oz Tan Nile Crocodile2 x [Daystate] Air Ranger1 x [Barnett] Whitetail Hunter STR4 x 6oz Nile Crocodile Burgandy3 x [Dolphin] F-Class Stock3 x .177 [Weihrauch] HW100K Bullpup Night Vision Kit4 x [Whitby&Co] Sprint Candy Red4 x [Whitby&Co] Alloy & Carbon Fibre4 x [Nitecore] NHS10 Carabiner2 x [Dolphin] KESTROS McMillan Competition Fiberglass BAT Machine4 x Victorinox Swisstool Spirit X3 x [Whitby&Co] Leven Lava Orange1 x [Zippo] Cobra Emblem Design3 x [Whitby&Co] Staghorn & Ebony4 x .44 [Miroku] Winchester Model 1892 Limited Edition Takedown4 x .22 [Erma] M1 Carbine6 x Acme 210.5 Dog Whistle2 x Cartridge Flask2 x [Schrade] F51 Frontier4 x .22 [Remington] 552 BDL Walnut2 x 6oz Nile Crocodile Brown3 x [Duncans] Paragon Speedloader3 x .22 [Ruger] 10/22 Beech1 x [Zippo] Classic Green Matte Zippo Logo1 x Pigeon & Dove Call2 x 6oz Hunter Nile Crocodile Burgandy6 x .177 [Bisley] Wasp4 x Corkscrew Tether2 x 8oz Hunter Nile Crocodile Burgandy5 x .17 HMR [Sako] Finnfire II4 x .270 [Parker Hale] Midlands3 x 6oz Nile Crocodile Black3 x Leatherman Charge G10 Red7 x Training Dummy 1Lbs2 x BareTye Multi-tool4 x [Whitby&Co] Sprint Cactus Green2 x [Whitby&Co] Zebra Wood SJ2 x [Cybergun] Kalashnikov AK472 x 8oz Hunter Nile Crocodile Brown1 x ATN X Sight 4K 5-20x1 x .22 [Hammerli] TAC R1 (M4)3 x [Whitby&Co] Pakkawood SK5 x Garmin Etrex H/H GPS1 x [Barnett] Blackcat Recurve3 x 8oz Hunter Nile Crocodile Black2 x [Zippo] Classic High Polish Rose Gold2 x .22 [Remington] 597 VTR2 x .22l/r [Winchester] Subsonic2 x .22-250 [Howa] Classic Laminated Thumbhole Sporter2 x Leatherman Tread2 x 8oz Hunter Black7 x Silent Whistle1 x Leatherman Surge2 x .223 [Howa] Varmint4 x Dogs of War 28g3 x [Whitby&Co] Camo Lock1 x Hawke Digital NV Monocular 5x404 x Dummy Launcher Blanks6 x .17 HMR [Brno] CZ 455 Thumbhole Grey Laminate4 x .22 [Daystate] Red Wolf Custom5 x [Whitby&Co] Safety Rescue Orange1 x [Whitby&Co] Pakkawood Stainless LK3 x .44 [Henry] Big Boy Classic1 x .243 [Remington] 700 Mountain Walnut2 x [Old Timer] 50th Anniversary Heritage Series Bruin5 x Dummy Launcher2 x Joker Pliers6 x Training Dummy Puppy3 x [Whitby&Co] Sprint Lava Orange2 x [Whitby&Co] Resin Slipjoint Drop Point3 x [Imalent] DM70 4500 Lumens Flashlight3 x .357 [Winchester] Model 94AE8 x Slip Lead Field Trial2 x [Whitby&Co] Sprint Lagoon Blue2 x .243 [Ruger] American2 x [Barnett] Black Widow Slingshot1 x Gerber Legend 8002 x .177 [Weihrauch] FT-Exact4 x [Barnett] 140 Slingshot Ammo1 x Tree Hugger Sling1 x Gerber Evo2 x [Barnett] Strike 9 Slingshot2 x [Martinez Albainox] Olive Wood Guthook1 x Neck Tie No251 x Swingout Spirit Lever4 x .177 [Webley] Accupell Dome3 x [Barnett] Pro Diablo Slingshot1 x Gerber Pro-Scout2 x .20 [H&N] Field Target Trophy2 x Pard NV008PLRF1 x Pigeon Full Bodied5 x RWS Leather Cobra Sling1 x Armguard Delux Leather1 x FireFox 30g2 x Neck Tie No231 x FireFox 25g4 x .177 [RWS] Superdome2 x Grey Lag Goose Call by Illinois River4 x .177 [RWS] Superpoint4 x Plaited Sling Brown Leather2 x [Barnett] Diablo Slingshot Catapult3 x .177 [Webley] Accupell FT3 x Garmin GPS 72 Navigator4 x .177 [Webley] Matchpell1 x [Barnett] Slingshot Power Band2 x Green Canvas Sling2 x V8 Weaver Mount Bi-Pod2 x .177 [Webley] Mosquito1 x Giants 40g5 x Garmin Geco 101 GPS1 x [Philips] Walnut Oil2 x [Barnett] Cobra Slingshot2 x .22 [Air Arms] Diablo Field3 x .177 [RWS] Superfield3 x Garmin GPS 76 Plotter1 x Fox Blaster Call1 x 12g Nickle Plated Snap Caps2 x Garmin Etrex Venture GPS3 x [Anglo Arms] 50 Slingshot Ammo2 x [Zippo] Rust Patina Street Chrome™ Design1 x [Luminox] Leatherback SEA Turtle Giant 03371 x Pro-Hunter .270 Cal (.277) 110 gr. SPT1 x Gun Blue Profesional3 x [Martinez Albainox] Rosewood Guthook3 x .22 [Browning] Mod B1 x Alliant Reloader 221 x [Zippo] Hand Warmer Replacement Burner1 x [RCBS] Micrometer adjustment screw Lge1 x Lyman Powder Dispencer1 x MatchKing 6mm .243 Cal (.243) 95 gr. HPBT Match3 x 12g [Steel Game] 32g No41 x [Saturn] Powder Funnel .221 x RCBS Partner Press1 x [RCBS] Chargemaster Lite1 x [Luminox] Navy SEAL - 3501.BO.F2 x [Tokisu] Carbon Fibre Spearpoint B 7.21 x Lyman No11 Manual1 x MatchKing 6mm .243 Cal (.243) 70 gr. HPBT Match1 x Nuprol Hard Case XLge2 x Rockchucker Supreme Master Reloading Kit3 x .22 [Anschutz] Match 1807L2 x [RCBS] Case Trimmer Pro1 x Walnut Case Cleaning Media1 x [Zippo] England1 x MatchKing 6.5 mm/.264 Cal (.264) 142 gr. HPBT Match1 x [Luminox] ICE-SAR Arctic | IN: 10022 x 12g [Solway Steel] 36g No42 x .22 [Remington] 541T1 x Croots Game Bag Med1 x Tech Grade Moly1 x 12g [Remington] 1100 Skeet2 x .22 [BSA] Airsporter1 x [Buck] 112 Ranger 50th Anniversary Finger Groove2 x .22 [Weihrauch] HW95 Lux2 x Magnetic Duck Target3 x .17 Hornet [Hornady] 20g V-MAX1 x [BSA] Ultra CLX Beech3 x [Victorinox] Camper2 x [Anglo Arms] Two Tone Black and Rainbow2 x [Air Arms] Crow Knockdown2 x [Gamo] Maxxim Elite Swarm1 x .308 [Sabatti] Chrome Tactical Evo3 x .22 [Chiappa] MK221 x .22 [Remington] 5972 x [Anglo Arms] Crucifix2 x Petron Wood Recurve Junior2 x .308 [Ruger] Precision2 x .22 [Ruger] 10/22 Grey Laminate2 x .22 [ISSC] MK223 x Garmin Etrex Summit GPS1 x 4oz Blue1 x [Zippo] Classic High Polish Teal Zippo Logo3 x 6oz Flask Pheasant1 x [Buck] 112 Ranger 50th Anniversary1 x .22 [Lithgow] LA101 Crossover3 x Dogs of War 24g2 x .177 [Gamo] PR-453 x 4oz Nile Crocodile Black1 x [Opinel] N°07 Carbon2 x [Arthur Wright & Son] Pruner Rosewood2 x Leatherman Bit Driver Ext1 x 4oz Nile Crocodile Burgandy1 x Leatherman Charge AL3 x .177 [ASG] Dan Wesson 629 Kit3 x .22 [RWS] Superdome1 x [Zippo] Armor® Geometric Weave Design1 x [Zippo] Raven Skull Design2 x Leatherman Rebar2 x .22 [Browning] T-Bolt Synthetic1 x .177 [Walther] CP881 x Hi Tec Designer 25g4 x .177 [Air Arms] S4001 x .44 [Pietta] Colt Dragoon .441 x [Allen] Camo Sling1 x Leatherman Style PS2 x GR8fun Double Spinning Target2 x [Buck] Ranger Skinner1 x [Victorinox] Classic Black4 x .22 [RWS] Superpoint2 x .22 [Webley] Mosquito2 x .22 [BSA] Lightening2 x .22 [GSG] 1911 Long Barrel Pistol3 x Wiley X Sabre Smoke Grey+Clear+Light Rust2 x Air Arms Pigeon Knockdown2 x .243 [Winchester] MOD70 Featherweight2 x 1855 [Remington] .442 x .22 [BSA] Airsporter2 x [Zippo] Armor® Bolts Design1 x .22 [Webley] Tempest2 x 12g [Lincoln] 28"3 x .22 [Bisley] Pest Control1 x Hi Tec Designer 28g2 x .22 [BSA] Magnum1 x [Air Arms] S410 Carbine Beech1 x Lincoln Vogue HSX1 x .22 [BSA] International MKII1 x Socks Summit Knee2 x 12g [AYA] No22 x .223 [Hornady] VRM Express 55g V-MAX1 x 9mm Blank [Retay] Desert Eagle X Chrome2 x [Victorinox] Fisherman2 x [Blade Tech] Classic Knife & Tool Sharpener3 x .177 [Bisley] Magnum1 x Vice Darts 23g1 x [.22 L/R]-[.17 HMR] Ammo Wallet1 x Beretta Silver Pigeon 32 x .22 [H&N] Field Target Trophy2 x [Clenzoil] Field & Range1 x [Air Arms] TX200 HC (Hunter Carbine)1 x [Helle] Spire2 x 12g [Webley & Scott] Side Lock1 x .22 [JSB] Hades1 x 6oz Chestnut2 x .22 [Walther] Century2 x [Krownland] Colt 1911 Nickel1 x 4 x 32 Walther Military Pro1 x .45 [Ruger] Old Army1 x .22 [JSB] Jumbo Exact Heavy3 x 4.5mm [Umarex] Steel BB1 x 6oz Flask Shooting3 x .177 [BSA] Lightening GRT2 x Stanley 0.47L1 x [Victorinox] Cybertool 341 x 4oz Black2 x RCBS Powder Check Die1 x .177 [Weihrauch] HW100KT1 x Hi Tec Designer 26g1 x Wiley X Sabre Smoke Grey3 x .177 [H&N] Field Target Trophy1 x Socks Pheasant1 x Vice Darts 24g1 x Stanley 1.9L1 x Gallery Resetting Target4 x .177 [ASG] Dan Wesson 715 6"1 x .223 [Hornady] 40g V-MAX2 x [Victorinox] Classic Red2 x .44 [Uberti] Cattleman1 x .177 [Umarex] S&W 6" Blk Carbine2 x Garter Set Subdued2 x .22 [Norica] Hawk2 x 12g [Steel Game] 32g No51 x 3 - 12 x 56 [Nikko Sterling] Diamond IR Hold Fast Reticule2 x .22 [Marksman] Domed2 x .22 [Bisley] Superfield1 x Wiley X Sabre Pale Yellow2 x [Victorinox] Huntsman2 x [Anglo Arms] Bullet Emblem3 x Wiley X Sabre Smoke Grey+Light Rust1 x Lincoln Vogue2 x Air Arms Rabbit Knockdown1 x [BSA] Lightning XL SE Tactical Black2 x .22 [H&N] Hunter Extreme1 x [Buckland] Old Skool2 x Socks Summit Boot1 x 4-12x42 [Bushnell] laser rangefinder scope1 x [Crosman] Ratcatcher 22501 x [.223]-[30 - 06] [MTM] Flip Top Ammo Case2 x Dogs of War 26g1 x [Buckland] Mini Bowie3 x 6.5 Creedmoor [Hornady] TAP 147g2 x 12g [Rotweil] Semi-Auto1 x .577[ Parker-Hale]2 x [Anglo Arms] Gold Key Knife1 x 12g [Browning] GTS2 x [Weihrauch] HW97K2 x .22 [Brno] CZ 452-2E Silhouette1 x 3.5-10x50WA [Simmons] Whitetail Cassic2 x [Buck] Cavalier Carbon Fibre1 x 12g [William Powell] Damascus Barrels2 x 4-12x32 [Burris] R/A Compact2 x [Umarex] Glock 17 Gen 52 x 4oz Nile Crocodile Brown2 x .22 [Ruger] Model 961 x [Air Arms] Galahad Sport Bullpup1 x Petron Wood Recurve Gents1 x 6oz Green2 x Stanley 0.5L Food Flask1 x 6oz Burgandy3 x .243 [Remington] 700 SPS1 x .22 [BSA] R10 SE1 x 6-24x56 SF Sidewinder2 x .22 [RWS] Hobby1 x .22 [Crossman] Premier Ultra Magnum3 x MicroLevel anti-cant Device2 x Leatherman Supertool Sheath3 x .17 HMR [Brno] 455 Laminate T/H2 x .243 [Remington] 700 BDL2 x Vice Darts 20g2 x Leatherman Sidekick1 x [Victorinox] Champ3 x .177 [ASG] Dan Wesson 715 4"2 x [Zippo] Classic High Polish Chrome3 x .177 [Air Arms] S410 Beech Custon1 x 20g [Browning] B5251 x 410g [Anchutz] Bolt action2 x [Zippo] Realtree®4 x .17 HMR [Brno] Varmint Thumbhole Grey Laminate1 x .22 [Brocock] Concept1 x .223 [Brno] CZ527 Ebony Edition1 x [Victorinox] Climber1 x [Zippo] Classic Multi Colour Zippo Logo1 x Dogs of War 25g2 x 20g [Beretta] 6871 x .22 [BSA] Goldstar1 x [Victorinox] Mini Champ3 x 6.5 x 284 [Stolle] Custom Rifle1 x 410g [Baikal] Silenced1 x 12g [Lincoln]1 x [Krownland] Colt 1911 Black1 x [Umarex] Heckler & Koch MP5 K-PDW1 x 12g [Essex] 28"1 x 6.5mm Creemoor [Ruger] Precission2 x Hi Tec Designer 32g1 x [Zippo] Dragon Heart1 x 12g [Mossberg] Pump3 x .177 [Air Arms] S4001 x .44 [Rogers & Spencer]1 x .22 [Sako] Finfire1 x Leatherman Supertool 3001 x .177 [Daystate] X21 x [Victorinox] Handyman1 x Leatherman Signal1 x 12g [Browning] B5251 x [Gamo] Speedster 10x Gen22 x .22 [Anschutz] 1415/14161 x .22 [GSG] 1911 Long Barrel Pistol1 x .177 [SIG SAUER] P2261 x [Anglo Arms] Zebra Wood Engraved1 x [Anglo Arms] Zebra Wood Engraved1 x [Anglo Arms] Skull n Roses 3D Knife1 x [Linden] Elite Seat Field3 x .22 [Weihrauch] FT Exact1 x .177 [Air Arms] Pro Sport Walnut1 x 3-9x40 Hawke Mil Endurance1 x .177 [Brocock] Contour1 x [BlackFox] Racli Zebrawood1 x [Anglo Arms] Zebra Wood Engraved1 x [Anglo Arms] Karambit Fade1 x 4-16x50 SF Sidewinder FFP1 x .177 [Umarex] CP88 4" Nickel, Black Grips1 x .177 [Umarex] CP88 4" Nickel, Wood Grips1 x .177 [Fienwerkbau] C552 x [Anglo Arms] Knight Emblem Knife1 x [Anglo Arms] Greywood Knife1 x [Bisley] Air Rifle Cleaning1 x [Clenzoil] Foaming Aerosol1 x 12g [Bisley] Cleaning Kit Alloy Rod2 x Black Powder Solvent1 x 12g [Bisley] Patches1 x [Arthur Wright & Son] 2 Blade Lambfoot1 x [Blackfox] Bean GEN 2 Satin Wood1 x [Anglo Arms] Chrome Key Knife2 x [Minamoto] Ronin Katana1 x [Arthur Wright & Son] 2 Blade Spearpoint1 x [Arthur Wright & Son] Ettrick Rosewood1 x [Arthur Wright & Son] Ettrick Ebony Wood1 x [Arthur Wright & Son] Lambfoot Wood1 x 6oz Hunter Chestnut1 x .22 [Falcon] Prairie BM1 x [Bisley] Certificate Wallet1 x [Victorinox] Tinker3 x .22 [Weihrauch] HW60J1 x [Victorinox] Ranger2 x .22 [Ruger] 10/22 Synthetic Stainless1 x [Umarex] Legends M1A1 Thompson2 x [Victorinox] Spartan1 x [.270] [Lee] 3 Die Set1 x 6oz Green Pheasant Fabric1 x [Buckland] One-Ring Karambit1 x [Victorinox] Swiss Card Classic1 x [Buck] Vanguard Walnut1 x RCBS Lube Die 21 x [Victorinox] Mountaineer1 x [Boker Magnum] Balicomb2 x (Brno) CZ Farmer1 x Sportsman Skeet Vest Green 44"1 x [Victorinox] Morgarten ★1 x [Victorinox] Work Champ1 x [Martinez Albainox] Rosewood SK3 x 6.5 Creedmoor [Hornady] Whitetail 129g1 x .22 FAC [Daystate] Air Ranger1 x [Helle] JS 90th Anniversary 20221 x [Lyman] Turbosonic Case Cleaner1 x [Birchwood Casey] Case Cleaner Concentrate1 x [MTM] Electronic Powder Scale1 x Hi Tec Designer 26g1 x [RCBS] Reloader 5 Press1 x [MTM] Universal Loading Tray1 x [Boker Plus] Exskelibur 11 x [David Tubb] Bullet Meplat Uniformer .221 x [RCBS] Rockchucker Supreme Press1 x [RCBS] 505 Powder Scale1 x [David Tubb] Bullet Meplat Uniformer .301 x [RCBS] Turret Press1 x [RCBS] Case Lube 21 x Hi Tec Designer 27g1 x [Frankford Arsenal] Case Tumbler1 x Remington .270 Cases1 x 6oz Hunter Nile Crocodile Brown1 x .22 [FX] Bobcat FAC1 x .22 [Brno] CZ 457 Royal1 x [Victorinox] Waiter1 x [Helle] SE 90th Anniversary 20221 x [RCBS] Case Lube Kit21 x [LEE] Pro1000 Turret1 x Finger Tab Hair1 x [Boker Magnum] Special Forces1 x [Weihrauch] HW35 Grey Laminate #113/215 [Limited Edition]1 x .177 [Umarex] S&W M 629 Classic 6.5"1 x Flat Target Holder Yellow1 x [Zippo] Chrome Candle Lighter1 x 10g [Pedersoli] Muzzel Loader1 x Reloader Swiss RS521 x Arrow Rest R/H1 x [Arthur Wright & Son] Ebony Wood Lambfoot1 x [BSA] Supersport SE Beech Wood1 x [Boker Plus] Dog Tag1 x Crow Decoy1 x [Boker Magnum] Black Carbon Knife1 x Finger Tab Leather1 x [Boker Magnum] Blomkvist Olive1 x .177 [Umarex] Beretta 921 x 12g [Solway Steel] 36g No32 x Plastic Duck, Teal & Widgeon Call by Acme1 x [Anglo Arms] Kalahari1 x .177 [Weihrauch] HW951 x Arrows Aluminium1 x [Boker Magnum] Camo Companion1 x [Gamo] Whisper Sting1 x [Boker Magnum] Starfighter 2.0 All Black1 x [Boker Magnum] Crusader2 x 410g [Game & Clay] 11g No61 x .177 [Weihrauch] HW70 Black1 x .177 [Walther] Hammerli AP201 x [Boker Magnum] First Responder1 x [Boker Plus] Damascus Gent 11 x [Zippo] Side Flame Design
.22 [Daystate] Red Wolf Custom
.22 [Daystate] Red Wolf Custom
£2,877.80 now £2,400.00