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Garmin GPS 72 Navigator

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This unit is new but has been in a window display and the sun has bleached the packaging.

The mariner-friendly GPS 72 is WAAS-enabled for accuracy to within 3 metres and features a large screen and easy-to-use buttons.

Use on Land or Water

Don't worry about losing this GPS device in the water. The GPS 72 floats, and it's IPX7 waterproof to withstand the accidental dunk or splash. Whether on water or land, the GPS 72 can save up to 500 of your favourite places in memory and point you to your destination (no street or terrain maps).

Store Important Data

The GPS 72 is preloaded with worldwide cities as well as marine navigation aids, including lights, buoys, sound signals and day beacons. It also has an extra megabyte of internal memory, so you can load points of interest from optional MapSource® disks. If you're into boating or fishing, you can use the 72's built-in celestial data, which includes tide information, sunrise/sunset times and a hunting and fishing calendar.

GPS 72: Rugged handheld navigation for your land and sea adventures

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