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[Steel Will] Steel Will Kobold F66-22



Overall Length : 12.80 cm
Closed Length : 8.30 cm
Blade Length 4.50 cm
Type : Linerlock
Blade Material : D2  [ROCKWELL (HRC): 59-61]                                                    
Handle Material : G10

The Kobold knife series from Steel Will is small and smart. The petite 4.6 centimeter blade is perfect for opening boxes or other small cutting tasks. Weighing in at just 73 grams, the Kobold F66-22 is light and agile enough to handle detailed work. The dark stonewash blade opens quickly with a flick of the wrist thanks to the ball bearings in the pivot. A sturdy linerlock secures the open blade. The orange G10 handle has subtle contouring and light texturing to ensure a firm grip. With detachable clip (tip-up).

Duncans offers a sharpening service in store (just ask)
[prices vary depending on size of blade, condition and type of steel]

  • UPC/EAN:PLU 3087
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06] [MTM] Slide Top Ammo Case1 x Leatherman Charge TTI2 x [CRKT] Clever Girl Kukri2 x .177 [Umarex] Colt Government 1911 A12 x [Victorinox] Maverick Chronograph | IN:2416055 x [Zippo] Classic Brushed Chrome1 x Hi Tec Designer 24g1 x [Luminox] ICE-SAR Arctic 1003.ICE3 x Vice Darts 21g1 x Vice Darts 27g2 x [Zippo] Silver Texture Design2 x [Saturn] Powder Funnel 6mm2 x Croots Byland Cartridge Bag Leather 1003 x Gun Blue creme1 x [Umarex] H&K USP2 x 4.5-30x50 [Bushnell] Elite Tactical4 x 12g [Steel Game Extra] 28g No63 x .22 Cleaning Patches1 x [Weihrauch] HW30S Kit3 x Vice Darts 22g4 x [Zippo] Flex Neck Utility Lighter Chrome3 x .177 [Air Arms] Pro Sport Walnut2 x .177 [Umarex] Beretta MOD. 92 FS Nickel, Black Grips2 x [Opinel] N°10 Carbon3 x .22 [RWS] Super-H-Point1 x Weaver T9 Scope1 x Silicone Gun Cloth5 x .22 [Webley] Accupell FT8 x Whistle Lanyard1 x [Bisley] Spotted Handkerchief Set1 x .177 [Beretta] Silver1 x Neck Tie No151 x [Luminox] Bear Grylls Survival | IN: XB.3729.NGU2 x .22L/R [CCI] Segmented HP2 x [BSA] Meteor Evo1 x [Opinel] N°03 Carbon2 x .177 [Umarex] S&W M&P 452 x True Oil2 x Silicone Oil 125ml Aerosol1 x .177 [Umarex] Smith & Wesson M29 6.5"2 x [Red Dot] 1 x 252 x Petron Wood Recurve Ladies2 x 12g [Browning] GTI2 x Stanley 1.0L2 x [Opinel] N°06 Carbon1 x [Luminox] ICE-SAR Arctic 10072 x [Bisley] Canvas Cartridge Bag3 x 12g [Steel Game Extra] 28g No53 x [Luminox] Navy SEAL 36012 x Neck Tie No15 x .177 [Weihrauch] FT Special2 x Webley Cub4 x .22 [Bisley] Magnum1 x Hi Tec Designer 30g2 x [Opinel] N°09 Carbon2 x .177 [ASG] Tac Repeater1 x .177 [Umarex] RWS C2252 x [Victorinox] Hiker1 x [Fox Knives] Ryu Micarta Green3 x .177 [Umarex] Beretta MOD. 92 FS 24K Gold-Plated, Walnut Grips3 x RCBS 30-06 FL Die Set1 x [Luminox] Navy SEAL 36034 x 4oz Nile Crocodile Tan1 x Neck Tie No163 x .177 [Air Arms] Ultimate Sporter1 x [Umarex] Race Gun Kit4 x Garmin Etrex Legend GPS3 x [Anglo Arms] Rainbow Finish Stiletto1 x Dogs of War 28g5 x .177 [Weihrauch] HW95 Lux8 x Acme 212 Dog Whistle3 x .177 [Umarex] Smith & Wesson M29 3"2 x [Victorinox] Alliance Sport Chronograph | IN: 2418182 x [Zippo] HeatBank® 9s Rechargeable Hand Warmer4 x 4.5mm [Excite] Smart Shot BB1 x Spare Battery 1.5ah2 x Neck Tie No103 x 12g [Steel Game Extra] 28g No31 x Great Owl1 x Bisley Canvas Cartridge Bag 1001 x [ASG] CZ-75 SP-01 Shadow2 x .177 [Umarex] CP88 4" Black2 x .177 [Rohm] Twinmaster Competition1 x [Krownland] Baba Yaga Combat1 x [ASG] Schofield Revolver2 x Weaver to 11mm Adapter2 x [Luminox] ICE-SAR Arctic 46 mm, Outdoor Adventure Watch - 12021 x [Victorinox] I.N.O.X. Professional Diver | IN:2418441 x [Luminox] Navy SEAL Chronograph 3581.EY1 x [Victorinox] Alliance Sport Chronograph | IN: 2418191 x [Luminox] Navy SEAL Chronograph 3581.BO2 x [Zippo] Mazzi Freedom Watch2 x .177 [Webley] Alecto2 x [Zippo] Hand Warmer2 x .177 [Umarex] Legends S251 x [BSA] R10 TH Walnut Super Carbine2 x Laser Rangefinder NiteSite1 x [Umarex] IWI Mini Uzi3 x Kershaw3 x Dogs of War 26g3 x Dogs of War 27g3 x Dogs of War 26g3 x Buck Multi-Tool2 x .177 [Umarex] Trevox2 x [BSA] R10 TH Walnut Super Carbine2 x Leatherman Wave Sheath3 x Leatherman Wave2 x Dogs of War 25g2 x Leatherman Wingman inc belt pouch1 x [Umarex] HPP2 x Dogs of War 25g2 x Dogs of War 29g1 x [Zippo] Anne Stokes Skull and Crossbones3 x 6oz Tan Nile Crocodile2 x [Daystate] Air Ranger1 x [Barnett] Whitetail Hunter STR4 x 6oz Nile Crocodile Burgandy3 x [Dolphin] F-Class Stock3 x .177 [Weihrauch] HW100K Bullpup Night Vision Kit4 x [Whitby&Co] Sprint Candy Red4 x [Whitby&Co] Alloy & Carbon Fibre4 x [Nitecore] NHS10 Carabiner2 x [Dolphin] KESTROS McMillan Competition Fiberglass BAT Machine4 x Victorinox Swisstool Spirit X3 x [Whitby&Co] Leven Lava Orange1 x [Zippo] Cobra Emblem Design3 x [Whitby&Co] Staghorn & Ebony4 x .44 [Miroku] Winchester Model 1892 Limited Edition Takedown4 x .22 [Erma] M1 Carbine6 x Acme 210.5 Dog Whistle2 x Cartridge Flask2 x [Schrade] F51 Frontier4 x .22 [Remington] 552 BDL Walnut2 x 6oz Nile Crocodile Brown3 x [Duncans] Paragon Speedloader3 x .22 [Ruger] 10/22 Beech1 x [Zippo] Classic Green Matte Zippo Logo1 x Pigeon & Dove Call2 x 6oz Hunter Nile Crocodile Burgandy6 x .177 [Bisley] Wasp4 x Corkscrew Tether2 x 8oz Hunter Nile Crocodile Burgandy5 x .17 HMR [Sako] Finnfire II4 x .270 [Parker Hale] Midlands3 x 6oz Nile Crocodile Black3 x Leatherman Charge G10 Red7 x Training Dummy 1Lbs2 x BareTye Multi-tool4 x [Whitby&Co] Sprint Cactus Green2 x [Whitby&Co] Zebra Wood SJ2 x [Cybergun] Kalashnikov AK472 x 8oz Hunter Nile Crocodile Brown1 x ATN X Sight 4K 5-20x1 x .22 [Hammerli] TAC R1 (M4)3 x [Whitby&Co] Pakkawood SK5 x Garmin Etrex H/H GPS1 x [Barnett] Blackcat Recurve3 x 8oz Hunter Nile Crocodile Black2 x [Zippo] Classic High Polish Rose Gold2 x .22 [Remington] 597 VTR2 x .22l/r [Winchester] Subsonic2 x .22-250 [Howa] Classic Laminated Thumbhole Sporter2 x Leatherman Tread2 x 8oz Hunter Black7 x Silent Whistle1 x Leatherman Surge2 x .223 [Howa] Varmint4 x Dogs of War 28g3 x [Whitby&Co] Camo Lock1 x Hawke Digital NV Monocular 5x404 x Dummy Launcher Blanks6 x .17 HMR [Brno] CZ 455 Thumbhole Grey Laminate4 x .22 [Daystate] Red Wolf Custom5 x [Whitby&Co] Safety Rescue Orange1 x [Whitby&Co] Pakkawood Stainless LK3 x .44 [Henry] Big Boy Classic1 x .243 [Remington] 700 Mountain Walnut2 x [Old Timer] 50th Anniversary Heritage Series Bruin5 x Dummy Launcher2 x Joker Pliers6 x Training Dummy Puppy3 x [Whitby&Co] Sprint Lava Orange2 x [Whitby&Co] Resin Slipjoint Drop Point3 x [Imalent] DM70 4500 Lumens Flashlight3 x .357 [Winchester] Model 94AE8 x Slip Lead Field Trial2 x [Whitby&Co] Sprint Lagoon Blue2 x .243 [Ruger] American2 x [Barnett] Black Widow Slingshot1 x Gerber Legend 8002 x .177 [Weihrauch] FT-Exact4 x [Barnett] 140 Slingshot Ammo1 x Tree Hugger Sling1 x Gerber Evo2 x [Barnett] Strike 9 Slingshot2 x [Martinez Albainox] Olive Wood Guthook1 x Neck Tie No251 x Swingout Spirit Lever4 x .177 [Webley] Accupell Dome3 x [Barnett] Pro Diablo Slingshot1 x Gerber Pro-Scout2 x .20 [H&N] Field Target Trophy2 x Pard NV008PLRF1 x Pigeon Full Bodied5 x RWS Leather Cobra Sling1 x Armguard Delux Leather1 x FireFox 30g2 x Neck Tie No231 x FireFox 25g4 x .177 [RWS] Superdome2 x Grey Lag Goose Call by Illinois River4 x .177 [RWS] Superpoint4 x Plaited Sling Brown Leather2 x [Barnett] Diablo Slingshot Catapult3 x .177 [Webley] Accupell FT3 x Garmin GPS 72 Navigator4 x .177 [Webley] Matchpell1 x [Barnett] Slingshot Power Band2 x Green Canvas Sling2 x V8 Weaver Mount Bi-Pod2 x .177 [Webley] Mosquito1 x Giants 40g5 x Garmin Geco 101 GPS1 x [Philips] Walnut Oil2 x [Barnett] Cobra Slingshot2 x .22 [Air Arms] Diablo Field3 x .177 [RWS] Superfield3 x Garmin GPS 76 Plotter1 x Fox Blaster Call1 x 12g Nickle Plated Snap Caps2 x Garmin Etrex Venture GPS3 x [Anglo Arms] 50 Slingshot Ammo2 x [Zippo] Rust Patina Street Chrome™ Design1 x [Luminox] Leatherback SEA Turtle Giant 03371 x Pro-Hunter .270 Cal (.277) 110 gr. SPT1 x Gun Blue Profesional3 x [Martinez Albainox] Rosewood Guthook3 x .22 [Browning] Mod B1 x Alliant Reloader 221 x [Zippo] Hand Warmer Replacement Burner1 x [RCBS] Micrometer adjustment screw Lge1 x Lyman Powder Dispencer1 x MatchKing 6mm .243 Cal (.243) 95 gr. HPBT Match3 x 12g [Steel Game] 32g No41 x [Saturn] Powder Funnel .221 x RCBS Partner Press1 x [RCBS] Chargemaster Lite1 x [Luminox] Navy SEAL - 3501.BO.F2 x [Tokisu] Carbon Fibre Spearpoint B 7.21 x Lyman No11 Manual1 x MatchKing 6mm .243 Cal (.243) 70 gr. HPBT Match1 x Nuprol Hard Case XLge2 x Rockchucker Supreme Master Reloading Kit3 x .22 [Anschutz] Match 1807L2 x [RCBS] Case Trimmer Pro1 x Walnut Case Cleaning Media1 x [Zippo] England1 x MatchKing 6.5 mm/.264 Cal (.264) 142 gr. HPBT Match1 x [Luminox] ICE-SAR Arctic | IN: 10022 x 12g [Solway Steel] 36g No42 x .22 [Remington] 541T1 x Croots Game Bag Med1 x Tech Grade Moly1 x 12g [Remington] 1100 Skeet2 x .22 [BSA] Airsporter1 x [Buck] 112 Ranger 50th Anniversary Finger Groove2 x .22 [Weihrauch] HW95 Lux2 x Magnetic Duck Target3 x .17 Hornet [Hornady] 20g V-MAX1 x [BSA] Ultra CLX Beech3 x [Victorinox] Camper2 x [Anglo Arms] Two Tone Black and Rainbow2 x [Air Arms] Crow Knockdown2 x [Gamo] Maxxim Elite Swarm1 x .308 [Sabatti] Chrome Tactical Evo3 x .22 [Chiappa] MK221 x .22 [Remington] 5972 x [Anglo Arms] Crucifix2 x Petron Wood Recurve Junior2 x .308 [Ruger] Precision2 x .22 [Ruger] 10/22 Grey Laminate2 x .22 [ISSC] MK223 x Garmin Etrex Summit GPS1 x 4oz Blue1 x [Zippo] Classic High Polish Teal Zippo Logo3 x 6oz Flask Pheasant1 x [Buck] 112 Ranger 50th Anniversary1 x .22 [Lithgow] LA101 Crossover3 x Dogs of War 24g2 x .177 [Gamo] PR-453 x 4oz Nile Crocodile Black1 x [Opinel] N°07 Carbon2 x [Arthur Wright & Son] Pruner Rosewood2 x Leatherman Bit Driver Ext1 x 4oz Nile Crocodile Burgandy1 x Leatherman Charge AL3 x .177 [ASG] Dan Wesson 629 Kit3 x .22 [RWS] Superdome1 x [Zippo] Armor® Geometric Weave Design1 x [Zippo] Raven Skull Design2 x Leatherman Rebar2 x .22 [Browning] T-Bolt Synthetic1 x .177 [Walther] CP881 x Hi Tec Designer 25g4 x .177 [Air Arms] S4001 x .44 [Pietta] Colt Dragoon .441 x [Allen] Camo Sling1 x Leatherman Style PS2 x GR8fun Double Spinning Target2 x [Buck] Ranger Skinner1 x [Victorinox] Classic Black4 x .22 [RWS] Superpoint2 x .22 [Webley] Mosquito2 x .22 [BSA] Lightening2 x .22 [GSG] 1911 Long Barrel Pistol3 x Wiley X Sabre Smoke Grey+Clear+Light Rust2 x Air Arms Pigeon Knockdown2 x .243 [Winchester] MOD70 Featherweight2 x 1855 [Remington] .442 x .22 [BSA] Airsporter2 x [Zippo] Armor® Bolts Design1 x .22 [Webley] Tempest2 x 12g [Lincoln] 28"3 x .22 [Bisley] Pest Control1 x Hi Tec Designer 28g2 x .22 [BSA] Magnum1 x [Air Arms] S410 Carbine Beech1 x Lincoln Vogue HSX1 x .22 [BSA] International MKII1 x Socks Summit Knee2 x 12g [AYA] No22 x .223 [Hornady] VRM Express 55g V-MAX1 x 9mm Blank [Retay] Desert Eagle X Chrome2 x [Victorinox] Fisherman2 x [Blade Tech] Classic Knife & Tool Sharpener3 x .177 [Bisley] Magnum1 x Vice Darts 23g1 x [.22 L/R]-[.17 HMR] Ammo Wallet1 x Beretta Silver Pigeon 32 x .22 [H&N] Field Target Trophy2 x [Clenzoil] Field & Range1 x [Air Arms] TX200 HC (Hunter Carbine)1 x [Helle] Spire2 x 12g [Webley & Scott] Side Lock1 x .22 [JSB] Hades1 x 6oz Chestnut2 x .22 [Walther] Century2 x [Krownland] Colt 1911 Nickel1 x 4 x 32 Walther Military Pro1 x .45 [Ruger] Old Army1 x .22 [JSB] Jumbo Exact Heavy3 x 4.5mm [Umarex] Steel BB1 x 6oz Flask Shooting3 x .177 [BSA] Lightening GRT2 x Stanley 0.47L1 x [Victorinox] Cybertool 341 x 4oz Black2 x RCBS Powder Check Die1 x .177 [Weihrauch] HW100KT1 x Hi Tec Designer 26g1 x Wiley X Sabre Smoke Grey3 x .177 [H&N] Field Target Trophy1 x Socks Pheasant1 x Vice Darts 24g1 x Stanley 1.9L1 x Gallery Resetting Target4 x .177 [ASG] Dan Wesson 715 6"1 x .223 [Hornady] 40g V-MAX2 x [Victorinox] Classic Red2 x .44 [Uberti] Cattleman1 x .177 [Umarex] S&W 6" Blk Carbine2 x Garter Set Subdued2 x .22 [Norica] Hawk2 x 12g [Steel Game] 32g No51 x 3 - 12 x 56 [Nikko Sterling] Diamond IR Hold Fast Reticule2 x .22 [Marksman] Domed2 x .22 [Bisley] Superfield1 x Wiley X Sabre Pale Yellow2 x [Victorinox] Huntsman2 x [Anglo Arms] Bullet Emblem3 x Wiley X Sabre Smoke Grey+Light Rust1 x Lincoln Vogue2 x Air Arms Rabbit Knockdown1 x [BSA] Lightning XL SE Tactical Black2 x .22 [H&N] Hunter Extreme1 x [Buckland] Old Skool2 x Socks Summit Boot1 x 4-12x42 [Bushnell] laser rangefinder scope1 x [Crosman] Ratcatcher 22501 x [.223]-[30 - 06] [MTM] Flip Top Ammo Case2 x Dogs of War 26g1 x [Buckland] Mini Bowie3 x 6.5 Creedmoor [Hornady] TAP 147g2 x 12g [Rotweil] Semi-Auto1 x .577[ Parker-Hale]2 x [Anglo Arms] Gold Key Knife1 x 12g [Browning] GTS2 x [Weihrauch] HW97K2 x .22 [Brno] CZ 452-2E Silhouette1 x 3.5-10x50WA [Simmons] Whitetail Cassic2 x [Buck] Cavalier Carbon Fibre1 x 12g [William Powell] Damascus Barrels2 x 4-12x32 [Burris] R/A Compact2 x [Umarex] Glock 17 Gen 52 x 4oz Nile Crocodile Brown2 x .22 [Ruger] Model 961 x [Air Arms] Galahad Sport Bullpup1 x Petron Wood Recurve Gents1 x 6oz Green2 x Stanley 0.5L Food Flask1 x 6oz Burgandy3 x .243 [Remington] 700 SPS1 x .22 [BSA] R10 SE1 x 6-24x56 SF Sidewinder2 x .22 [RWS] Hobby1 x .22 [Crossman] Premier Ultra Magnum3 x MicroLevel anti-cant Device2 x Leatherman Supertool Sheath3 x .17 HMR [Brno] 455 Laminate T/H2 x .243 [Remington] 700 BDL2 x Vice Darts 20g2 x Leatherman Sidekick1 x [Victorinox] Champ3 x .177 [ASG] Dan Wesson 715 4"2 x [Zippo] Classic High Polish Chrome3 x .177 [Air Arms] S410 Beech Custon1 x 20g [Browning] B5251 x 410g [Anchutz] Bolt action2 x [Zippo] Realtree®4 x .17 HMR [Brno] Varmint Thumbhole Grey Laminate1 x .22 [Brocock] Concept1 x .223 [Brno] CZ527 Ebony Edition1 x [Victorinox] Climber1 x [Zippo] Classic Multi Colour Zippo Logo1 x Dogs of War 25g2 x 20g [Beretta] 6871 x .22 [BSA] Goldstar1 x [Victorinox] Mini Champ3 x 6.5 x 284 [Stolle] Custom Rifle1 x 410g [Baikal] Silenced1 x 12g [Lincoln]1 x [Krownland] Colt 1911 Black1 x [Umarex] Heckler & Koch MP5 K-PDW1 x 12g [Essex] 28"1 x 6.5mm Creemoor [Ruger] Precission2 x Hi Tec Designer 32g1 x [Zippo] Dragon Heart1 x 12g [Mossberg] Pump3 x .177 [Air Arms] S4001 x .44 [Rogers & Spencer]1 x .22 [Sako] Finfire1 x Leatherman Supertool 3001 x .177 [Daystate] X21 x [Victorinox] Handyman1 x Leatherman Signal1 x 12g [Browning] B5251 x [Gamo] Speedster 10x Gen22 x .22 [Anschutz] 1415/14161 x .22 [GSG] 1911 Long Barrel Pistol1 x .177 [SIG SAUER] P2261 x [Anglo Arms] Zebra Wood Engraved1 x [Anglo Arms] Zebra Wood Engraved1 x [Anglo Arms] Skull n Roses 3D Knife1 x [Linden] Elite Seat Field3 x .22 [Weihrauch] FT Exact1 x .177 [Air Arms] Pro Sport Walnut1 x 3-9x40 Hawke Mil Endurance1 x .177 [Brocock] Contour1 x [BlackFox] Racli Zebrawood1 x [Anglo Arms] Zebra Wood Engraved1 x [Anglo Arms] Karambit Fade1 x 4-16x50 SF Sidewinder FFP1 x .177 [Umarex] CP88 4" Nickel, Black Grips1 x .177 [Umarex] CP88 4" Nickel, Wood Grips1 x .177 [Fienwerkbau] C552 x [Anglo Arms] Knight Emblem Knife1 x [Anglo Arms] Greywood Knife1 x [Bisley] Air Rifle Cleaning1 x [Clenzoil] Foaming Aerosol1 x 12g [Bisley] Cleaning Kit Alloy Rod2 x Black Powder Solvent1 x 12g [Bisley] Patches1 x [Arthur Wright & Son] 2 Blade Lambfoot1 x [Blackfox] Bean GEN 2 Satin Wood1 x [Anglo Arms] Chrome Key Knife2 x [Minamoto] Ronin Katana1 x [Arthur Wright & Son] 2 Blade Spearpoint1 x [Arthur Wright & Son] Ettrick Rosewood1 x [Arthur Wright & Son] Ettrick Ebony Wood1 x [Arthur Wright & Son] Lambfoot Wood1 x 6oz Hunter Chestnut1 x .22 [Falcon] Prairie BM1 x [Bisley] Certificate Wallet1 x [Victorinox] Tinker3 x .22 [Weihrauch] HW60J1 x [Victorinox] Ranger2 x .22 [Ruger] 10/22 Synthetic Stainless1 x [Umarex] Legends M1A1 Thompson2 x [Victorinox] Spartan1 x [.270] [Lee] 3 Die Set1 x 6oz Green Pheasant Fabric1 x [Buckland] One-Ring Karambit1 x [Victorinox] Swiss Card Classic1 x [Buck] Vanguard Walnut1 x RCBS Lube Die 21 x [Victorinox] Mountaineer1 x [Boker Magnum] Balicomb2 x (Brno) CZ Farmer1 x Sportsman Skeet Vest Green 44"1 x [Victorinox] Morgarten ★1 x [Victorinox] Work Champ1 x [Martinez Albainox] Rosewood SK3 x 6.5 Creedmoor [Hornady] Whitetail 129g1 x .22 FAC [Daystate] Air Ranger1 x [Helle] JS 90th Anniversary 20221 x [Lyman] Turbosonic Case Cleaner1 x [Birchwood Casey] Case Cleaner Concentrate1 x [MTM] Electronic Powder Scale1 x Hi Tec Designer 26g1 x [RCBS] Reloader 5 Press1 x [MTM] Universal Loading Tray1 x [Boker Plus] Exskelibur 11 x [David Tubb] Bullet Meplat Uniformer .221 x [RCBS] Rockchucker Supreme Press1 x [RCBS] 505 Powder Scale1 x [David Tubb] Bullet Meplat Uniformer .301 x [RCBS] Turret Press1 x [RCBS] Case Lube 21 x Hi Tec Designer 27g1 x [Frankford Arsenal] Case Tumbler1 x Remington .270 Cases1 x 6oz Hunter Nile Crocodile Brown1 x .22 [FX] Bobcat FAC1 x .22 [Brno] CZ 457 Royal1 x [Victorinox] Waiter1 x [Helle] SE 90th Anniversary 20221 x [RCBS] Case Lube Kit21 x [LEE] Pro1000 Turret1 x Finger Tab Hair1 x [Boker Magnum] Special Forces1 x [Weihrauch] HW35 Grey Laminate #113/215 [Limited Edition]1 x .177 [Umarex] S&W M 629 Classic 6.5"1 x Flat Target Holder Yellow1 x [Zippo] Chrome Candle Lighter1 x 10g [Pedersoli] Muzzel Loader1 x Reloader Swiss RS521 x Arrow Rest R/H1 x [Arthur Wright & Son] Ebony Wood Lambfoot1 x [BSA] Supersport SE Beech Wood1 x [Boker Plus] Dog Tag1 x Crow Decoy1 x [Boker Magnum] Black Carbon Knife1 x Finger Tab Leather1 x [Boker Magnum] Blomkvist Olive1 x .177 [Umarex] Beretta 921 x 12g [Solway Steel] 36g No32 x Plastic Duck, Teal & Widgeon Call by Acme1 x [Anglo Arms] Kalahari1 x .177 [Weihrauch] HW951 x Arrows Aluminium1 x [Boker Magnum] Camo Companion1 x [Gamo] Whisper Sting1 x [Boker Magnum] Starfighter 2.0 All Black1 x [Boker Magnum] Crusader2 x 410g [Game & Clay] 11g No61 x .177 [Weihrauch] HW70 Black1 x .177 [Walther] Hammerli AP201 x [Boker Magnum] First Responder1 x [Boker Plus] Damascus Gent 11 x [Zippo] Side Flame Design
.22 [Daystate] Red Wolf Custom
.22 [Daystate] Red Wolf Custom
£2,877.80 now £2,400.00